March 15, 2024
Wagyu Idaten: Osaka’s Best In Class Beef Bento
A hidden gem serving one of the best A5 wagyu in Osaka
March 15, 2024
Wagyu Idaten: Osaka’s Best In Class Beef Bento
A hidden gem serving one of the best A5 wagyu in Osaka

A hidden gem silently sitting on the 2nd floor of a random building around the Shinsaibashi area, Wagyu Idaten is on the top of our list for the best affordable steak experiences in Osaka. 

Wagyu Idaten is something you’d miss during your long walks in the Namba area. It’s not prominently visible from the streets. It has a small signage with an arrow leading to a small elevator. 

The small elevator transports you into a sophisticated wooden-themed restaurant, as if you’re back in the edo period. A display of a metal warrior suit welcomes you into Idaten. 

Similar to a typical steak house in Japan, chefs would prepare, cook, and plate your steak in front of you. On one side of the bar is a charcoal grilling area encolsed in glass. You can see the chefs grilling your steak to perfection. 

The menu is fairly simple. There’s a bunch of meat to choose from, and you get to choose how it is prepared, cooked, and served. We tried the Wagyu Idaten set and the roast wagyu set, both Japan graded A5 wagyu. 

Roast Wagyu

Roast Wagyu is served in a bento box. On top of the rice are thinly sliced, lightly roasted, rare to medium rare wagyu with a raw egg on top. First step is to taste the steak without anything. Then break the yolk, spread and mix it on top of your wagyu.

 The Wagyu Idaten

The Wagyu Idaten is served rare on top a hefty rice serving. It’s topped with uni and roe, with the egg yolk on the side. Finish up the toppers first, then top the yolk on your wagyu. 

In PH, we are not used to restaurants serving rare. We were a bit hesitant first (primarily cos of my sensitive gut), but the chefs smiling in front of you gives a comforting assurance. 

The first bite is always the most thrilling. That feeling of having an A5 wagyu steak melt in your mouth is priceless. You can almost feel the butterflies fluttering in your gut, taking you to steak heaven. This is, by far, the best reasonably-priced steak I ever had in Osaka. It was so good I didn’t want the experience to end. 

Wagyu Idaten is not completely affordable. But talking about serving the highest wagyu grade in Japan (A5), and comparing it to the likes of Matsusaka, Idaten’s pricing is considerably reasonable. Something you and your wallet can both enjoy. 

Indulge a bit and enjoy a bento of A5 rare wagyu on your next visit to Namba! 

Find Wagyu Idaten on Google Maps.

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