July 21, 2023
Nonie’s Boracay: Where Healthy is Delicious
Where Filipino classics are reimagined, and healthy is definitely delicious!
July 21, 2023
Nonie’s Boracay: Where Healthy is Delicious
Where Filipino classics are reimagined, and healthy is definitely delicious!

Somewhere in between the options of healthy or delicious, Nonie’s sits right in the middle giving the balance that we need. It proves a point that comfort food can be healthy, conscious, and delicious all the same time.

Nonie’s is located at Station X, a lifestyle hub at the station 3 of Boracay. Nonie’s is owned by Boracay power couple slash restaurateur Shria and Patrick Florencio. The same couple are also the brains behind the food concepts Little Taj at D’Mall, and Mucho at Station 1.

Here’s a quick list of food selection you must not miss!

Chicken Binakol

On top of our list is Aklan’s signature dish – Chicken Binakol. It’s a traditional soup dish made with coconut juice, native chicken, ginger, and sayote. Nonie’s take is with coconut milk soup base and malungay leaves on top. This twist has definitely elevated the already sumptuous dish. The chicken meat is tender and cooked really well. The creamy texture of the soup, and the flavor fusion of ginger, sayote and malungay all worked so well giving a smooth flavor explosion with every sip.

Meat with a Twist

Next on our favorite list are two classic dishes with a Nonie’s twist – sticky ribs and bistek! The sticky ribs is their take on the western-staple ribs in Filipino pineapple glaze sauce giving it a sweet and smoky flavor. The meat is cooked perfectly falling of the bones with every slice.

The Bistek Tagalog features 100% locally sourced beef, slow-cooked for 36 hours. Nonie’s serve their bistek with crunchy onions, kesong puti on top, served with mashed kamote.

Healthier Twists

On our favorite list is the Chicken Longganisa paired with the Malunggay Pineapple smoothie.

A modern and healthy take on the Pinoy silog, homemade Chicken Longganisa sits on top of native rice-alternative, Adlai. It is served with a side of greens, mango salsa and soft-boiled egg.

This dish goes perfectly with one of Nonie’s signature smoothies, Malunggay Pineapple. The tangy flavors of pineapple balances the leafy texture of belnded malunggay leaves. The smoothie is topped with Chia seeds, making it an even healthier alternative to the usual sugary shakes in Boracay.

Though we go to Boracay to enjoy and binge, it wouldn’t hurt to do it a tab bit healthier. With Nonie’s, healthy is definitely delicious!

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Gyukatsu Motomura

Gyukatsu Motomura

They only have 1 dish: Gyukatsu. Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of the menu. The meat and flavors are definitely far from basic.

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