#FindFunEverywhere: American Tourister Bounces Back to Traveling Season

As the world opens up again, American Tourister launches its newest campaign, #FindFunEverywhere. The campaign encourages everyone to explore beautiful destinations, find fun everywhere you go, and create timeless memories along the way with the trusted travel companion, American Tourister luggage.

“More than just a phrase, #FindFunEverywhere is a mindset – a philosophy that encourages us to seek out excitement, laughter, and joy no matter where we are,” shares American Tourister Philippines Country Manager, Michael Corpuz. “It’s a reminder that even in the most ordinary moments, there is an opportunity for playfulness and discovery.”

With the #FindFunEverywhere campaign, American Tourister also reveals  the energetic campaign video which embodies the core values of the brand – fun, bold, stylish, and colorful. The video showcases original music and dance choreography produced specifically for this campaign. The signature moves and the sound are now uploaded on Instagram and Tiktok for everyone to enjoy.

“When we are happy, when we explore the world, when we find fun… we dance,” American Tourister Marketing Head for Southeast Asia, Hazlina Dayangku explains the inclusion of signature dance moves for this campaign. “With our connectedness now, it is so easy to share music, and dance to it altogether as we find fun everywhere with American Tourister.”

With the high energy and big movements of the campaign comes an exciting collection of luggage that mirrors the spirit of a fun traveler: bold, vibrant, and brimming with life. The collection features classic styles in refreshed colorways that reflect the sunny beaches, the lush greens of nature, and the vivid blues of the ocean.

The launch event was attended by over 150 influencers, including Tiktok dance stars Sheena Belarmino, Niko Badayos, and Eli Padilla.  Guests were treated to a fun night of interactive displays, games, live art, and portrait sessions with celebrity photographer, MEETKESO.  

With the campaign launch, American Tourister also introduces a Tiktok contest where everyone can use the original sound, do the signature moves, and get a chance to win luggage! Visit @AmericanTouristerSEA to know more about the giveaway.