Growing up, I always knew Debenhams to be my father’s staple brand – neutral shirts, cargo shorts, straight cut jeans. And my recent peep into Debenhams Spring/Summer 2019 collection paved the way for a refreshing appreciation for the brand. 

Seeing the racks filled with vibrant colors and stylish pieces – all with oozing young vibe, I suddenly felt a pop of excitement. Debenhams is more than what I see my dad wear. 

I went around the store and compiled a list of my fave pieces! 

Striped Tees

These tees are so versatile you can wear them for a casual street-vibe and for a summer beach look

Bright-Coloured Tees

Everyone’s now obsessed with everything bright and these tees are hitting all the right spots 

Bright Beach Shorts

What is summer without the popping beach shorts? These are almost mandated on every summer trip and we’re so happy to have them in bright colors! (Spot the neon green – they’re running out of stock)

Printed Shirts

Feel cozy and classy with some playful prints. Button ‘em up in the city and button ‘em down at the beach – both works best! 

I left the store with a few pieces and an urge to come back!