Milennial pink what? Yellow who? This 2019, green made an effin loud entrance!

They are not just green green. They are the popping, blinding, almost-reflectorized  kinds of greens, and we are just so obsessed with them! But sadly, not all brands carry one, so we had to scout the interwebs and malls to find these hidden neon green gems.

A new and local brand is up in the game on greens, check out the green shirt of Meet Keso, as worn by Mond Gutierrez

If you want more options, here are some shirts and dresses from Bershka.

Every beach trip deserves a sexy beach shorts! Check out these flashy greens from Debenhams and Fittoms.

For the added sparkle, here are bum bags from Zara and Bershka, already in stores waiting for you.

Finish off your neon green look with socks that’s as bright as your personality.

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