No need to book a flight to the US as the beloved flavors of Thai BBQ Original, a franchise that originated in Los Angeles, can now be enjoyed right here in the metro.

Thai BBQ Original promises an amazing escapade, bringing you the same, familiar flavors and service, which earned the restaurant a cult following in the US.

The new casual dining restaurant is decorated in modern Thai chic interiors, boasting its stone bricks and a soothing palette of neutrals. Whether you are treating yourself to a quiet meal or going out with a group of friends, find a comfortable spot to dine in at Thai BBQ Original.

While the interiors of the restaurant are meant to soothe, the flavors of each Thai BBQ Original House Specials aim to awaken the senses. The lightly prepared dishes brim with strong aromas and a sweet and spicy edge. Thai BBQ Original brings you the complex interplay of sour, sweet, salty, and spicy, which defines Thai cuisine.

[/media-credit] Interiors at Thai BBQ Original

Feast on the generous and affordable for-sharing House Specials that are perfect for big groups and families wherein each dish comes with a generous portion of Shrimp Fried Rice. Delight in the smoky flavors of S1 which offers Kaiyang, the restaurant’s most loved BBQ chicken, which brings together the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Hearty helpings of another favorite, the meaty BBQ Spare Ribs, under S2, are sure to satiate big appetites. Completing the house specials are the Chicken Sate (S4) and Beef Sate (S8) comprised of 7 skewers of meats each, marinated in Thai spices, and served with a side of cucumber salad. Dip these in the yummy signature peanut sauce to add a new dimension of deliciousness.

Discover as well soon-to-be Filipino favorites such as Thai Curry Crab, Honey Duck, Crispy Oyster Cake and Pandan Chicken. For something with a more refreshing crunch, try the Deep- Fried Garoupa with Mango Salad and the Papaya Salad, which bring together bright flavors and textures. Finally, do not forget delicious Thai cuisine staples such as Phad Thai, Pad See Lew and Tom Yum Goong. For hearty eaters, all the house specials are served with heaping portions of Shrimp Fried Rice, so you will never worry about going home hungry. Be delighted with every dish that is hefty and is for sharing at Thai BBQ Original – brought especially from Los Angeles to BGC – made authentic by the restaurant’s very own Thai chefs.

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