Say goodbye to damaged hair with TRESemme Detox & Nourish!

Just like you, your hair also needs to destress. Due to modern lifestyle and constant exposure to aggressors like pollution, sweat, and product build-up, your hair becomes dull, dry, and lifeless. That’s why it is important to detox and nourish your hair every day.

TRESemme Detox & Nourish is the newest range from TRESemme that thoroughly cleanse the hair from all these aggressors and nourish hair to be shiny, smooth, and salon- gorgeous. Here are 5 things you need to know about the latest hair care from TRESsemme:

  1. It is the only natural range from the brand that brings to life the latest detox trend. It is formulated with natural ingredients and mild formulations to cleanse and nourish your hair!
  2. It has green tea and ginger, both known as great detoxifying ingredients!
  3. The TRESemme Detox & Nourish range has a new refreshing fragrance – a fusion of fresh ginger, citrus notes, and summer blossoms.
  4. The new line has no paraben and is dye free, perfect for those seeking milder formulations!
  5. Unlike transparent clarifying shampoos, the TRESemme Detox and Nourish is designed not only to get rid of impurities but also to keep hair shiny and healthy.

The new TRESemme Detox and Nourish range is available in all leading supermarkets, personal care stores, drugstores, department stores, and e-comm sites.

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