As more and more people continue to put more value on health and wellness, being healthy is no longer just about being free of sickness, it is now a way of life. Gone are the days when people just go to the gym just to look good. Nowadays, people eat right, exercise regularly, and monitor’s one health to look good and feel good inside out.

Just recently, Rustan’s Makati opened up its Activewear section – a space that is solely dedicated to activewear. So whether you’re training your mind and body with yoga, strengthening your core with CrossFit or enjoy hiking during the weekends, Rustan’s has got everything you need in one finely curated space. It’s a new destination for every fitness enthusiast that wants functional and yet stylish activewear from apparel to footwear, and accessories.

Check out some of the brands present at Rustan’s Activewear section:

Rustan’s Activewear is located on the Ground Floor Rustan’s Makati.

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