Mandate: Stocking Up on Basics

Judge a man by the basics in his closet. 

If there’s anything you need in your wardrobe, that’s a set of basics. Because whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, basics are real life savers.
We list down the must-have basics in your closet, in dark and light colors.

1. Tee Shirt

How can one live without a tee shirt? Do yourself a favor and get shirts in white and black. If you wanna stick to the dark hues, but not a fan of black, you can get tees in navy, military green or dark brown.

2. Polo Shirt

It’s the gray area of styling and tho it’s not the best to be lost in between, it pays to have a safe zone. When you’re not too sure how to dress up – casual or formal, a polo shirt is a safe choice. Get polo shirts in cotton, pique or silk.

3. Dress Shirt & Pants

When the party gets too formal, you don’t wanna be saying ‘no’ just because you don’t have anything to wear. Keeping a light and dark plain dress shirts (long-sleeved polos) is a must! While you’re at it, get yourself a pair of dress pants or slacks as well.

4. Blazer / Jacket

Probably the most versatile piece of clothing you can own: a blazer. You can get a casual and a formal one. Blazers can take you from casual day dressing to a classy date night ensemble in just a snap.

5. Belt, Cap, Ties and Hanky

Because accessories are as important as your clothes, you can’t just ignore them. Get a nice neutral belt, cap, ties and set of handkerchiefs for your day to day dressing.

6. Jeans

Nothing can ever be more basic than a pair of jeans. When stocking up for basics, we suggest you get a light or dark denim – plain and simple. Generic jeans are wearable almost everyday!

7. Shorts

For the casual days ahead, get yourself shorts to play around with. Either denim or walking shorts would be great. Remember the golden rule: shorts must rest few inches above your knees.

8. Loafers

If tops have polo shirts, shoes have loafers. It’s a safe choice for casual and dressy days. It can fit well with denims, shorts or pants. We suggest you always keep a pair in your car, locker or bag. You don’t know where your feet will take you, so a pair of loafers on hand is a must!

9. Sneakers

The ultimate casual and everyday essential: sneakers! Sneakers fit any casual style and usually comfy and stylish. You can go for the gool ol’ sneakers or trainers.

10. Oxfords

Lastly, to pair up with your dress shirt and pants, it pays to always have oxfords – plain or with brogues. A cheap dress shoes can ruin even the classiest suit.

So guys, gear up!

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