Who We Are

Who We Are

You know us, we can’t stand still. We always move. Always forward, towards a better side of us. This years, we’re finally changing the way we tell stories.

MADHOUSEMNL is now MADHOUSE/MAN, housing the best of guys life + style. From style and grooming; to food and travel; to concerts, music and the arts; and to stories of inspiring modern guys, you’ll find it here.

The modern guy’s lifestyle is a celebrated one. Sadly, there are only few platforms for us. Thus the shift, from everything under the sun to everything that matters for the modern guy. 

Join us in this new journey of talking about style, shoes, places, food and more. Welcome to the new MADHOUSE/MAN – madhousemnl.com! 

Talk to us at madhousemnl (at) gmail (dot) com.