First Impression: Landers Superstore

Lander Superstore is definitely spacious enough for big carts
Lander Superstore is definitely spacious enough for big carts

One rainy afternoon, we decided to drive north of Metro Manila to check out this Landers, a new super store we’ve been hearing about for the past months. The hype was intense, so we decided to check it out for ourselves.

And boy, it did not disappoint.

We listed some of the reasons why you should start consider jumping into this new members only superstore:

  1. The store is awesomely huge! Well, most super stores are usually big, but this one’s huge. There’s enough parking space for everyone, entry and exit points are spacious. And the most important part, you can shop without bumping into other people’s carts! The aisles are really spacious and wide. It’s as if they’ve been to all other superstores and just listened to every shopper’s mantra: that a shopping place should be a happy haven, not a crowded and stressful hell of bumping carts and small aisles.
  2. It’s a members-only super store. But don’t fret, we have tried it first hand and the process is seamless. Fill up the form, pay for the annual membership fee, have your photo taken and you’re good to go!
  3. Landers carry a wide variety of goods. Some superstores carry the same items and it’s refreshing to see new, exciting and interesting items on their racks. Few of our favorites are: the Wine Ice Cream, a tub of Chicharon, OMGs and a brand of really cool men’s grooming products.
  4. The whole place is so stylish, it’s making us feel better about spending! Typical superstores are basically warehouses -boring and chaotic. But not Landers. The awesome mix of white spaces, wood accents and great lighting makes us want to shop for more and more and more! It’s a s if they knew we not only value the product, but the space as well.
  5. They have an awesome food stop. Let us repeat it, AWESOME! It’s designed well, clean, orderly and more importantly, they serve good food. Get a taste of New York binging with their pizzas, hotdogs, chicken dishes and, of course, unlimited drinks. We heard their pizza dough is shipped straight from the big apple! Plus, they have a wheat pizza, just so we could lessen the guilt. And, and, and dessert bar is pure heaven – they serve gelato’s, cakes and freshly baked pastries!

We’ve heard they are opening their second store on October 6 at Otis, Manila. So for south peeps like us, here’s another awesome chance to do grocery-therapy!

For more info, like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

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