iFlix Finally Carries Indie Films: A Quick Starter Pack Playlist

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iFlix is now carrying independent films and we're really excited!

For most people who are just getting started in appreciating independent films, it’s such a pain to find a place to see them. Though it’s always great to see these films on the big screen, watching them on a TV or phone would do for now!

While you can catch occasional screenings at school tours, CCP or on some independent cinema houses, there’s nothing better than having the films on the palm of your hands. Just recently, iFlix has introduced a section for everything independent and we’re more than thrilled!

To help you get started, we listed some of our favorite ones:

Pepot Artista

A comedy-musical set in the 70’s is set to capture your hearts. Pepot Artista is all about a 10-year old boy who dreams to be a celebrity and have everything that comes with it – both fame and fortune. The story and struggles of Pepot mirrors the plight of every Filipino trying to get on top, of believing fame would save them from misery. The social commentary is masked in a very familiar humor complete with dance and song numbers from Guy & Pip carefully crafted by a seasoned filmmaker who penned Maynila: Sa Kuko ng Liwanag, Batch ’81 and Bayaning Third World, Doy Del Mundo. Needless to say, Pepot Artista won Best Film at the first ever Cinemalaya.

Sana Dati

Sana Dati breaks all the rules and laws of love stories and the ways it is suppose to be told. The film tells a story of how an inconclusive past haunts two people: a young woman getting married to a man she is unsure of; and a young man trying to find answers to his questions. As Sana Dati drifts away from the traditional love stories, it remains faithful to the message conveyed: Life is about being happy as much as it is about moving forward. The film will leave you with a pleasant grief and a bittersweet smile on your face. Sana Dati won Best Film at the 9th Cinemalaya.


A story of a couple, two professors in the brink of breaking up told alongside the story a student in the age of sexual awakening is as crazy as it sounds. Dagitab brings out a surprising spark, a thought-provoking take on life and love in the most poetic ways. This film is magnificent both in words and in visuals. The stunning cinematography is paired perfectly with all kinds of beautiful poetry and silences. The film slaps you with your own personal voids that just keep on growing. Just a quick warning: the film is quite effective in making you feel the plight of the characters – their loneliness, their guilt, their pity and their awakening.


Magnifico tells a simple, sincere and honest story of a young boy’s struggle to help his family. He works to get extra cash, he takes care of her sister and her ill grandmother. On his journey to help everyone around him, he rediscovers both the beauty and ugliness of life, the goodness and hypocrisy of the people around him. The comedic side lines are enjoyable as much as the realities of the story is heartbreaking. One of the first ever new wave indie films in the Philippines after the local cinema’s resurgence in 2000, Magnifico is set to crush your hearts, only to put them back again in a new light. Magnifico was named by Gawad Urian as the best film of the decade.

Sa North Diversion Road

A film adaptation of a stage play, Sa North Diversion Road, is close to perfection. A film that deals with the many conversations of a couple inside the car, as they traverse the North Diversion Road. They talk about their joys, the sorrow, the guilt and the cheating. On the road, they start imagining the could, should, would have-beens of their relationship – having many acts in different situations and different characters. The film has one beginning, one long body and a whole lot of endings. Every exit of the North Diversion Road is a different ending to their love story. North Diversion Road is directed by Dennis Marasigan, a seasoned theater actor, stage director and filmmaker. It bagged the Best Film award at the first ever CinemaOne Originals.

There are lots of independent films all ready for you over at iFlix and we can’t wait to share with you more of our favorites in the coming weeks!

Oh and if you still don’t know, Smart’s offering FREE access to iFlix until October! Read more about their promo here.

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