Cinema ’76: A New Home for Indie Films

Looks like our most loved independent films have found a new home at Cinema '76. And we couldn't be any happier!

If you’re a huge fan of Indie films like us, then we share the struggle of trying to catch our favorite films wherever they might be shown next. After Cinemalaya, we just have to wait for some special screening we’re not invited to, or squeeze our way in to a university screening just so we can se what we’ve missed. Since not most independently produced films get a commercial release, trying to catch them on the big screen is an eternal struggle. Until recently, when finally a group of filmmakers and producers opened Cinema ’76.

Cinema’76 is a 60-seater micro-theater in San Juan City, complete with couch-type seats and pillows. Tickets are usually sold at P100, depending on the screening and event. And since seats are limited, they accommodate online reservations.

Operated by TBA (the mother company behind Tuko Films, Buchi Boy and Artikulo Uno), Cinema ’76 is named after what is the last years of the golden years of the Philippine Cinema. In 1976, Brocka and de Leon released Insiang and Itim, respectively. Cinema ’76 remains true to its vision of being a venue to gain bigger audience reach for independent films.

These first two weeks of September, Cinema ’76 is screening films from the filmmaker couple Jun Lana and Perci Intalan. Cinemalaya 2012’s BWAKAW, critically acclaimed Barber’s Tales and his recent work, Anino Sa Likod gn Buwan will be shown this September, together with Perci Intalan’s debut film, Dementia.

The special screening of Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay by Antoinette Jadaone is still on-going, for 200PHP per ticket.

Here’s Cinema ’76 screening schedule for September:

Check out their the Cinema ’76 Facebook page for details.

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