Lush ’s new Easter collection has arrived and we’re loving it!

Every summer brings us something to look forward to. From lazy days by the beach to bright, bold fashion pieces, summer is like the reward we get after a year’s worth of working and studying. And Lush Cosmetics knows exactly what we want during these hot summer days. So ready your wallets because here are some of our favorites from Lush’s Easter collection!

Chick ‘n’ Mix

Get chicky with this one because this is the bomb! Made of sunny bergamot oil and sweet tonka, this adorable fizzer refreshes your skin and uplifts your spirit. Enjoy the super-sized bomb for three refreshing baths or use it all at once for a truly luxurious experience.

Which Came First

We’ll probably say it’s the egg but who cares? Instead of pondering about the age-old question, we’d rather relax, soak our feelings and body in a fancy bath that smells like Sicilian lemon, vanilla, and grapefruit oil.

Wash Behind Your Ears

Feel ear-resitable with this pumpkin-colored body wash! Wash Behind Your Ears is a concoction of neroli oil, rose oil, and fresh carrot infusion that simply hydrate and soften the body. Be warned though, it is highly addictive!

Chocolate Easter Egg

Halt all egg hunting activities because we already found the one! Get your chocolate fix without the guilt with the Chocolate Easter Egg from Lush! Made of lemon, grapefruit, vanilla, and cocoa, this bright one will surely deliver uplifting and conditioning suds!

Chocolate Lip Scrub

Sweet lips are made of this! Truly decadent, this lip scrub is a combination of chocolate and orange that leaves your lips soft, smooth, and smooch-ready when applied. Enjoy a polished pout from Easter and beyond!

Now hop into the shower and enjoy!

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