Lush 2017 Valentine’s Day Treats are the Bomb!

Love is a magnificent thing. That’s why we can’t help but feel a little fuzzy inside when February comes and the world dedicates some time to celebrate it! More so, when our favorite bath and body company put their A-game to create a limited-edition collection that takes bathing to a whole new level.

Lush just released a 20-piece lineup of shower gels, soaps, bath bombs, and more to ensure romance is definitely in the air this Valentine’s season. From heart-filled bath soaps to rose-scented bath bombs, there will definitely be no shortage of romance this season.

Check it out and get ready to treat yourself and your boo to some good lovin’ for months to come.

Over and Over bath bomb

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Awaken the senses with the moisturizing cocoa butter coated in lime and fennel oil that will make heads roll with so much gladness.

Rose Bombshell bath bomb

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Drop the bombshell into the bath and experience euphoria like you’ve never experienced before. Made of yellow rose petals, rose absolute, and rose oil, you’ll never want to leave the bath ever again.

Ladybird bubble bar

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Snug as a bug, this tiny friendly bubble bar will cradle you to mountains of cheery bubbles made of sweet geranium oil and relaxing peppermint oil.

Unicorn Horn bubble bar

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They’re real! What more can you ask for?!

The Kiss lip gloss

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For that just-bitten look. Also, who could resist lips that are as sweet as the Fair Trade shea butter.

The Kiss lip scrub

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Treat your lips to some sugar filled scrub that takes away chapped skin for a smooth smooching session.

Prince Charming shower cream

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No handsome prince to charm you this V-Day? Worry no more because this handsome rinse will envelop you to a sweet scent of marshmallow, vanilla, and pomegranate and grapefruit oils.

Love You, Love You Lots soap

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Show your better half how passionate you are with roses! Make them feel your love with the combination of rose petal infusion, rose oil, rose syrup, and even fresh rose petals.

Kiss Me Quick wash card

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A handy dandy wash card infused with lemon, lime, and ylang-ylang for a quick romantic session.

And also if you can’t choose which one of these would you love for yourself and for your lover, there’s always this lovely gift set to save the day.

 With Love gift

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Everything’s coming up roses! This lovely set includes Ro’s Argan body conditioner, and Love You, Love You Lots soap.

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