For four consecutive years,  Johnnie Walker remains true to its promise to never stand still and to always keep walking. That’s why it created the Johnnie Weekend Creators Lab Series – an avenue to grow one’s passion and craft and in turn, inspire people to develop their crafts as well.

“The Johnnie Walker brand was built on the Walker family’s progressive and pioneering spirit. They always pushed the boundaries of creativity – both blending and entrepreneurial,” shares Cesar Gangoso, Marketing Director for Johnnie Walker. “This progressive and pioneering spirit remains at the heart of Johnnie Walker, and as a brand, it is our mission to inspire our consumers to do the same.”

For this year’s official launch, the #JohnnieWeekend Creators Lab Series taps soul-jazz music producer Lustbass, Filipino funk bad IV of Spades, and multi-disciplinary visual artist Mvltiverse to collaborate for an audio-visual show that masterfully showcased each of the group’s talents and passion.

Lustbass is the alter ego of producer and multi-instrumentalist Allan Malabanan. Besides from being the bass player for Wilderness and Chocolate Grass, he was also a major influence in the production of their independently released albums. He has also toured Japan Thailand, and Indonesia.

IV of Spades is a Filipino funk band formed in 2004. The band’s signature sound is a modern take on classic genres such as disco, funk, and classic rock. They continue to break into the scene with hit songs like “Hey Barbara,” “Where Have You Been My Disco,” and “Mundo.”

Mvltiverse, on the other hand, is a digital project formed by Derek Tumala, Clarissa Gonzales, Junie Linsoco, and Megan Palero. The group focuses on modern approach to create new forms of moving image through multidisciplinary fields of live performance, new media, light, animation, installation, and technology.

From food to film, music to sports – Johnnie Walker will continue to collaborate with local trailblazers who continue to make a mark in their chosen fields. To know more about Johnnie Weekend, you can check out the JohnnieWalkerPH page on Facebook for more details.

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