Raise a glass! International Scotch Day might be over but it’s not yet too late to celebrate it right! Gone are the days when scotch is a drink reserved solely for old men. Scotch is fast becoming the drink of the younger generations (aka the millennials) too because of its versatility. Drink it with water, sure. Add some soda, no problem. Drink it as it is, absolutely! Whatever tickles your fancy, scotch is cool with how you want it to be.

So in the spirit of International Scotch Day, here are 5 different ways to enjoy the legendary scotch – the Johnnie Walker Black Label.

1. Neat

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Nothing but a shot of Johnnie Walker to start the blood pumping.

2. On-the-rocks

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A straight pour of Johnnie Walker Black Label over some ice. It chills your drink and brings out the spirit’s flavor.

3. Johnnie soda or ginger

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If chugging down a straight up scotch is too much to handle, opt for a cocktail drink instead. Mix the Black Label with a clear soda or ginger ale. Add some ice and you’re done!

4. Johnnie Sour

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A classic cocktail with a citrus twist. Create it by mixing the spirit with sugar syrup and lemon juice. Shake it and top with ice!

5. Johnnie Apple

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If you’re a little shaken by scotch’s bold, smoky flavor, add a touch of something fruity to tone it down. Mix Johnnie Walker with apple juice. Add ice and slices of apples. For added fizz, you can also pour some ginger ale too.

Have some other #lovescotch ideas? Share it with us and join the movement! Check out the JohnnieWalkerPH page on Facebook for more scotch events.

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