Luxury house Gucci is no stranger to art. While the name is more synonymous to luxury fashion empire, Gucci has been active in the realm of arts in recent memories. The Italian brand has shown its enthusiasm for the arts when it launched the Instagram project “#GucciGram” back in 2015. Following that year is an art installation in Gucci’s Ginza called the “4 Rooms”.

In the spirit of continuing this modern tradition, Gucci chose a colossal 2,500 square feet wall as its new canvas. Partnering with Colossal Media, the luxury brand is set to paint a large-scale mural. The project kicks off with an artwork from San Francisco-based illustrator Jayde Fish. The wall will be home to a variety of collaborations all throughout the year.

In addition, a unique Snapchat geofilter, created by Fish, is available in the vicinity of the artwork.

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