Flying Dutchman: 5 Pieces To Score This Weekend

Weekend shopping it is!

One of our earliest favorites from the local retail scene, Flying Dutchman on its fifth year, continues to craft quality, stylish and timeless shoes and clothes for men.

Weekend Editor’s Pick 5 things you need to score this weekend from Flying Dutchman:

1. Boat Shoes

Quality and stylish, nothing beats a good boat shoes to compliment your low-key, classic gent style.

Flying Dutchman


2. Loafers

Sleek and classic, these loafers can go well with your school or work outfit to your casual Saturday hangouts.

madhousemnl | MadHouseMNL

3. Button down

Go for the signature printed button downs or the classic plain ones

Flying Dutchman

4. Caps

Because it’s eternally sunny in here, you gotta get yourself a cap!

Flying Dutchman

5. Rucksack

Because you know you need a getaway buddy.

madhousemnl | MadHouseMNL


Visit Flying Dutchman at the Bluebay Walk and UP Town Center. Shop ONLINE, like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

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