Rustan’s, a staunch supporter of local arts and Filipino artisan, collaborated with the Department of Trade and Industry to showcase Filipino craftsmanship through the exhibit “Celebrating the Finest of Philippines,” which can be viewed at the 5th Floor of Rustan’s Makati from June 6 to June 22, 2018. The  exhibit featured Philippine crafts, textiles, fashion, and home accessories directly sourced from indigenous communities with a rich history in textile, craftsmanship, and design.

Wear your Heritage. Indigenous groups from Kalinga are eminently known for their distinctive body art and heirloom beaded necklaces. These designs can be seen in statement accessories finely curated in the exhibit.

Carved in History. Ifugao textile is also renowned for its sheer beauty and design, mostly made using the IKAT Dyeing technique—a tedious dying technique doubly done to produce several designs in the fabric. Find distinct Ifugao elements and woven designs found in scarves, accessories, bags and sculptures at the Exhibit.

The Dream Weavers. The t’nalak or the traditional textile woven by the T’boli women residing in Lake Sebu, often called “dream weaving,” exemplifies the uniqueness and the identity of the indigenous group. Its patterns represent birth, life, union, and are often seen in blankets and clothing used in wedding ceremonies and rituals.

Natural Dye Makers. Known as “natural dye makers,” the Tingguians use organic dyes extracted from plants, barks, leaves, fruits, even roots, to color their textiles, weaves, and other products. Painstakingly working on hand looms, the exhibit will showcase richly-colored woven textiles with sacred Tingguian and Binakol designs – all of which are works of art.

Centuries-old Techniques. The people of Antique braid and weave buri palms into everything from baskets to bags, native mats to wallets, down to colorful wide-brimmed hats.

Celebrate the finest indigenous products from all over the Philippines with Rustan’s.

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