Are you ready for a beautiful change? With our lifestyle and environment changing rapidly, the basic skincare rituals that we have had 5 or 10 years ago are no longer enough. Good thing, Pond’s has risen up to the challenge to deliver groundbreaking skincare solutions that will cater to the needs of all women.  

Designed for women of all walks of life, the new skincare like has improved its formula to combat the rise of pollution, sun’s harsh UV rays, and stressful lifestyle change. Along with that are four new ambassadors to join the Pond’s Beauty Council!

Sofia Andres

Pimple? No problem! “Having clear skin helps me feel confident, so I always use the Pond’s Acne Clear Facial Wash and Acne Clear Leave-on Gel combo to keep pimples and oil away,” shares new Pond’s girl Sofia Andres. “I love how it helps my breakouts clear up a lot faster, too.”

Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo’s skin still looks radiant despite the long hours of shooting outside. Her secret? “I noticed that I started getting dark spots from old acne marks and from being under the sun,” reveals Pond’s girl Kathryn Bernardo. “To protect my skin, I started using Pond’s White Beauty since it has SPF that protects it on the outside, and Vitamin B3+ that whitens from the inside. Using it twice daily really helped me get a rosy, white glow.”

Toni Gonzaga

For first-time mommies, take it like Toni Gonzaga. “As a new mom, I noticed that the late nights were starting to take a toll on my skin,” shares Pond’s Age Miracle Brand Ambassador Toni Gonzaga. “I tried the new formula, and after just 7 days, I noticed that I look a lot fresher and I even got my glow back!”

Joey Mead-King

One tough cookie. Joey is a living proof that difficulties can result into something beautiful. “As women, it’s important that we strive to inspire and empower one another. We all have the strength and grace to transform the toughest changes into something beautiful,” shares Pond’s Age Miracle Ambassador Joey Mead-King.

Feel confident facing the challenges every day with the new Pond’s! Change is beautiful, indeed!

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