Bigger Data, Better Connectivity: Build Your Own Plan with SMART!

Bigger Data, Better Connectivity: Build Your Own Plan with SMART!

There is no way that a day will pass without checking Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. In fact, our social media feed is the first and last thing we see. And who can’t blame us? Do you want to know the latest news? Check it online, stat! Curious about the new restaurant in town? Go online and see what your favorite blogger has to say! On top of that are the hundreds of series, videos, and even GIF you want to binge watch daily. Not to mention social media messaging apps such as Viber, Facebook Messenger, and What’s Up that we use to constantly communicate with clients, friends, and family.

With so many things to do on the ‘net, a gigabyte of data is not enough. Imagine the trouble when we learn that our phone data plan lacks the capacity to support our online needs. Oh, the horror!

But this nightmare will be gone soon thanks to SMART! The country’s leading mobile provider has yet again changed the game in a BIG way. Smart’s LINE-ONLY plans just got a major boost by providing bigger data offers, customized data plans, and easy and simple postpaid application. Now, you no longer have to worry about skyrocketing phone bills or getting your data cut off!

The revamped Smart LINE-ONLY plans will be powered by the super fast Smart LTE Postpaid Sim. These plans (based on baseline subscriptions) will come with unlimited texts to all networks, all-net calls, and free access to messaging apps like Viber, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger every month.

The new postpaid LINE-ONLY plans start at Plan 399 with 3BG (used to be 1GB) data, Plan 599 with 5GB (used to be 4GB) data, Plan 799 with 8GB (used to be 7GB) data. Need more data power? Smart also offer the Plan 999 with 10GB data, Plan 1499 with 18GB data, Plan 1999 with 24GB data, Plan 2499 with 30GB data, and Plan 2999 with 36GB data.

What’s more, anyone can UPGRADE to any of these LINE-ONLY Postpaid Plans with just one (1) valid ID!

But if you do decide to not use your existing phone, you may pick a new device from Smart’s list of handsets, with its monthly phone cash out added on top of your postpaid bill. To further maximize your Smart experience,  boost your postpaid plan by registering to Flexibundles – a variety of call, text, and data bundles that you can mix and match every month.

Take control of your mobile lifestyle with #SmartPostpaidPlans! Head to the nearest Smart Store or visit for more information.

Best of 2016: Smart Unboxing Innovations

Best of 2016: Smart Unboxing Innovations

2016 may generally had been a bad bitch for most of us, but it also has its own sparks of good things here and there.

We’re closing this year remember all the good things. Let’s start with Smart!

A New Logo and Look

The biggest change they faced was a new logo. It was, as almost expected, criticized. With the new shape and new color, it took a while for people to finally accept it.  But it’s all good now! Especially Smart is welcoming 2017 with Pantone’s color of the year on its new logo.

ICYI, their new logo was launched with the reunion of Eraserheads!

Smart Music Live

Diving into the music scene, Smart has launched the #SmartMusicLive, bringing subscribers exclusive deals to the best concerts and festivals! #SmartMusicLive was launched with a huge concert headlined by Ely Buendia, Up Dharma Down and Nathan Sykes. One of the most memorable act was the comeback of Aegis! It was then followed by In The Mix, Selena Gomez Worl Tour and more.


Smart Launchpad + Own It

An awesome avenue for Youtuber bloggers, Smart introduced the Launch Pad and Own It project this year. Launchpad upload stations toured around the Philippines to allow everyone to submit their v-logs – whether they sing, act, dance, do their makeup and more! Select participants were chosen to undergo a Creator camp hosted by smart. Nearing the end of the year, Smart announced the 3 winners who’ll be going to LA! Moreso, they signed select Youtubers with an ambasadorship contract. It has been a great jumpstart platform for young bloggers.

Smart Life My Smart App

Unboxes during one of their early events this year were two apps – the Smart Life and My Smart App. The Smart Life app houses all your lifestyle needs, where you can watch movies, series, live streams and excluive contant. You can also stream music and playlists curated by Spinnr. The best feature would be instant perks – get discounts and freebies from partner establishments! Meanwhile, the My Smart app lets you monitor your account, usage promo subscriptions and more!

Pokemon Go

One of the most anticipated games was launched this year. Pokemon Go came in PH with an awesome gift from Smart – FREE DATA! We remember spending after-office hours walking around Makati and BGC, catching pokemons without worrying about our data consumption.

Eraserheads Video Reunion

We know smart for producing great videos and we can’t help but gush on one of its surprise features launching the AllOutSurf30. IT. WAS. THE. ERASERHEADS! They are in one video! Though not together, they gave us a feel of what it’s like now years after their split – still getting in touch and still sharing music. Ahhh, we just love happy reunions!


Making our lives better, Smart installed free WIFI spots on various airports in Manila and in key provinces. Upload and download speed reaches up to 1GB, proven and tested! Waiting for a delayed flight will never be the same again!

Travel Wifi

Speaking of airports, we can’t thank Smart enough for its gift to travelers this 2016. Finally, they offer WIFI device we can use abroad, connect and share with friends. More on traveling, Smart has simplified data roaming and fixed it at a specific amount per day. Because only our luggage should balloon up when traveling, not our bills.

Pay with Mobile

Buying apps, games, movies, music and subscriptions are now waaaay way easier! Smart launched this year its Pay With Mobile feature, which allows you to purchase anything on app store and charge it directly to your bill – no extra application, no hassle, no fuss!


There’s a gap between online shopping and milennials: credit cards. While most still don’t have one (and it’s almost a hassle to get one), Smart is here again being a life saver! This year, Smart announced its partnership with Paymaya. By registering, you instantly get a virtual card we can use for any purchases online! And Smart is also releasing a physical Mastercard we can use for in-store purchases here and abroad!

So before we curse 2016 for all its negativity, let’s go back to the small good things that happened.

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