18-Year Wait Is Now Over, Britney Spears is Finally Here

18-Year Wait Is Now Over, Britney Spears is Finally Here

Hate her or love her, whether she sings or tumbles, or even when she shaves her head off, she’d still be right back here again, on the stage – unbruised, undefeated – with a single beam spotlight all over her.

Britney, no matter what she does, will still be the same woman who gave us reasons to untiringly rewind our cassette tapes using pencils, to dance in school halls after every bell, and to sing Lucky inside the shower, with eyes closed in a dramatic wall slide drama.

Today, the Philippines celebrates the coming of a queen. Let’s take a quick look back on Britney’s rollercoaster life – from Disney to Manila.

December 2, 1981 – Britney was born

1993 – She became part of the Mickey Mouse Club with Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, and Ryan Gosling

1999 – She released her first album, Baby One More Time. It became number one in US Billboard Top 200 as it sold 10M copies in just one year. It remained on top of US and UK Billboard for straight 2-weeks!

2000 – She released Oops I Did It Again. It again topped the US and UK Billboard charts, with over 20M sold copies worldwide! The Oops I Did It Again concert tour earned her 40M USD!

2001 – I’m a slave 4 u and Overprotected hit first place in US and UK billboard charts. This is her 3rd consecutive year to top the charts.

2002 – Britney ended up her 3-year relationship with Justin Timberlake. Same year she starred in Crossroads Movie. The flop movie and JT breakup made her a bit crazier than ever.

2003 – Iconic MTV Awards Opening with Britney, Christina and Madonna. This was where the iconic Britney-Madonna kiss happened.

2003, she released In The Zone, which made her the first female to have first four albums debut at number one.

The Crazy Britney

2004 – Britney shocked the world with an even sexier album – My Prerogative. Also in 2004, Brit married his childhood sweetheart Jason Alexander. And as if the shocking news weren’t enough, she divorced him in whopping, record-breaking 55th hours after their wedding

More, more from Brit. In 2004, she dated her dancer and eventually ended up as her husband – Kevin Federline.

2005 – Britney gave birth to her first child, Sean Preston Federline, on September 14

2006 ushered in the Bad Mom Britney Era, with photos taken of Baby Sean on her lap while driving. In 2006, she gave birth to her second baby. In November of the same year, she filed a divorce.

2007 – Britney shaved her head after getting out of rehab for just a day. Prior to shaving and rehab, she lost her aunt due to cancer. 2007 hasn’t been good to Brit. She was checked into more rehab facilities and lost custody to her kids.

Also, the sloppy MTV opening number happened.

In 2008, her comeback hit, Piece of Me got her 3 major awards in MTV. She won Best Female Video, Best Pop Video and Video of the Year.

The comeback was overwhelming that HIMYM guesting got the show it’s highest rating mark during the time. She was also named by Guinness as the youngest female American to have 5 albums at Number 1.

It was also in 2008 that Circus topped the charts in US, Canada, and Europe.

In 2009, Womanizer became number 1 in Billboard Hot 100, her second since Baby One More Time.

In 2011, Britney yet again conquered the music scene as she topped the charts consecutively with her hits Hold It Against Me, S&M and more! On the same year, she got the MTV Vanguard Award.

2012 – 2013 – she released #willpower. Scream & Shout became Brit’s 6th number one single in UK Singles Chart. It was also named as the best selling song of 2012-2013, earning over 8M USD worldwide. She was named by Forbes as music’s top earning woman of 2012, with around 58M USD earnings.

2013, she announced her series of Las Vegas shows. That’s a total of 100 shows for a year.

2013, she released another hit, Work Bitch. It topped the charts on its debut.

In 2016, she returned to the VMAs – 9 years after her controversial Gimme More performance. This time, she’s in a way, way better shape!

This 2017, she’s finally here in the Philippines! After 18 long years of waiting, we can now finally see her live, and we’re so excited!

Here’s an inescapable truth: Britney lives in us.

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