New in the neighborhood: RUSTAN’S ACTIVEWEAR

New in the neighborhood: RUSTAN’S ACTIVEWEAR

As more and more people continue to put more value on health and wellness, being healthy is no longer just about being free of sickness, it is now a way of life. Gone are the days when people just go to the gym just to look good. Nowadays, people eat right, exercise regularly, and monitor’s one health to look good and feel good inside out.

Just recently, Rustan’s Makati opened up its Activewear section – a space that is solely dedicated to activewear. So whether you’re training your mind and body with yoga, strengthening your core with CrossFit or enjoy hiking during the weekends, Rustan’s has got everything you need in one finely curated space. It’s a new destination for every fitness enthusiast that wants functional and yet stylish activewear from apparel to footwear, and accessories.

Check out some of the brands present at Rustan’s Activewear section:

Rustan’s Activewear is located on the Ground Floor Rustan’s Makati.

Retro Sneakers: Bally SS18

Retro Sneakers: Bally SS18

The retro sneakers are the core of the SS18 collection – for both men’s and women’s. These four sneakers are the birthplace of inspiration that led to the creation of a narrative that authentically forms the DNA of this collection and the Bally brand. Bringing back Bally’s best sneaker styles over the past decades, the collection includes four replications of its most successful lace ups, from hip-hop era classics to smashing tennis shoes and sporty runners.

The vintage design, function and feel, sparks nostalgia to the Bally patrons back in the days, as much as it captures the attention of the younger generation.

These sneakers take you back in the 80’s fluid dance moves and effortless hiphop beats. It is reminiscent of the time when everyone just wants to be in a Bally sneakers.

SuperSmash (1965)

Reissued with a vulcanised sole and the same Bally logo on the side, the canvas shoes are available as replicas and in three new derivations, in both hi and low top styles, and as full leather versions.

Competition (1983)

Produced with the same shape, lining, and sole as the original shoe from 1983. The replica is available alongside four additional derivations in Kodak, garnet, marine, and snuff.

Vita-Parcours (1974): With original identifiable black and white check pattern and produced with a modernised sneaker sole, used in Bally’s Heimberg collection. A more urban shoe, the sneaker comes in its original form and three additional fabrications for men.
Galaxy (1983): Reissued and is now Bally’s lightest sneaker, crafted in canvas with suede detail. The original model in garnet has been reproduced alongside two new versions in Kodak and black, with the original running sole.

In the Philippines, BALLY is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc., and is located at Greenbelt 5, Rustan’s Makati, Shangri-La Plaza, and Newport Mall. Follow @ssilifeph on Instagram for more information.

Ode to 70’s: Bally SS18

Ode to 70’s: Bally SS18

When we say we history repeats itself, we meant it literally.

Following our generation’s obsession with everything retro qnd vintage, here we see Bally’s SS18 collection in full 70’s glory – and we’re in love!

This season, Bally has taken its decades of legacy from history books to the racks. The look and feel of the visuals are taken from Bally’s 1908 showroom in Kursaal, rebuilt in full glory for the vintage-thirsty generation of today.

The Look

The muted colors popping from neutral bases gives us an intense  style satisfaction. The soft palettes are balanced out with edgy feel-good sporty aesthetic.

The Textures

Adding to the flavour are the textures. Bally didn’t fall short in giving us variety, from curduroys, cagoules, oversized trench, to puffa jackets.

The silhouettes are rather simple, yet striking. The tucking and layering added a classic twist to the flavorful collection.

Urban Spirit: AX SS18

Urban Spirit: AX SS18

Urban attitude with a denim soul.

Spring Summer for Armani Exchange is all about men and the big cities – cheering on the loudness and brightness of the urban jungle.

The classic hues of blue, paired with unsual mix of fabrics and materials, give AX SS18 the refreshing twist it deserves. Logo tees, geometrical shapes, hoodies are paired with loose leggings tailored to the always on-the-go lifestyle of guys in the city

The palette includes black and white, military green, and pop and fluorescent colours. The collection is capped off with looks reminiscent of American college style, with an air of preppy New York.

We Believe: Bershka SS18

We Believe: Bershka SS18

This year, Bershka celebrates the artists, the free spirits, the era definers; the self-expressors; the boundary pushers; and the rule breakers who defy expectations.

Bershka’s 2018 Spring/Summer presentation is all about making music, moments, and memories. 

Bershka travelled to London’s coolest boroughs and beyond to find the up-and-comers: the new talent shaping the future of culture in the UK. The artists. Style breakers. Rhymers. Dancers. Thought provokers. The darers.

13 movers and shakers join together to tell a story of uniqueness, of self-expression. 

Through their art, music, style, and social influence they are speaking up, shouting out, sparking passion, prompting others to do the same. They are taking cues from those who inspire them, and turning their inspiration into new forms of creativity. And by igniting their generation, they are shaping the future.

Bershka believes in the power of self-expression. Sure, it’s a way to set trends. But it’s also a way to influence what happens next in the world. 

The future belongs to those who dare. To them – and to all young-minded people – Bershka says: We believe in you.


People can find whatever emotion they’re looking for in a piece of music.” – Sam, Musician

People always ask me what I want to do in the future, and I say: I can do anything.”
–Benji, Dancer

“We believe people should have the right to love whoever they want.”
– Philip + Gerritt, Fashion Designers

AW18 Runway: Gosha x Burberry

AW18 Runway: Gosha x Burberry

For the second time, here’s another creative collab between Russian power designer Gosha Rubchinskiy and Burberry at Gosha’s AW18 show in Yekaterinburg’s Yeltsin Center Museum.

The collection features the ionic Burberry colors and checks, infused with Gosha’s playful silhouettes. Amplified by oversized shapes, the Burberry classic outerwear takes a refreshing turn into an edgy direction.

The 13-piece collection will be available in July. Check out  the Burberry site for deets.

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