Bally: 80’s Keyhole Bags

by | Mar 17, 2018

The ‘80s opened up a new world for Bally, the brand gained recognition. The new hardware design is symbolic of this.

Bally’s Saddle bag is constructed of soft Buttero Lux leather, featuring the iconic B-Turn lock closure. Natural Canvas totes with contrasting trimming feature a 1908 Bally script logo.

The keyhole bag made from Grace Lux leather features a new keyhole hardware closure, also appearing on ladies small leather accessories. We want to talk about this keyhole feature as part of the story. 

On photo:
Suzy. Updated in bright derivations and with lightning bolt detail.

B-Turn: Tender and canvas top handle with detachable strap and B-Turn lock closure, quilted canvas sides, and perforation on the front panel.
Keyhole: Grace Lux leather shoulder bag with new keyhole hardware closure. Includes two versions of enamelled hardware.
Canvas totes: Shopping tote with trimming in black and contrasting Bally script logo from 1908.
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